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KITA's Global e-Marketplace, tradeKorea.com!

tradeKorea.com is a truly international e-Marketplace where global buyers and suppliers conduct their e-businesses.
You can access a massive amount of information and trade with our over 70,000 KITA members and non-member domestic companies by using our extensive & detailed database with user-friendly company & product categories. Overseas companies can sell products and pioneer new markets in Korea.

KITA(Korea International Trade Association), which has developed tradeKorea.com, is public-private organization established in 1946, currently with over 73,000 member companies. As a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures, KITA supports SMEs to find new customers and secures a wide range of business connections through tradeKorea.com database. (To find out more about KITA , please visit www.kita.org)

On tradeKorea.com, companies can sell and purchase products on the multifunctional minisite, send inquiries & offers, and meet potential business partners through our database.

tradeKorea.com aims to be the most reliable online platform for Korean trading companies and overseas buyers. Enjoy the top-quality trade services of tradeKorea.com, and explore new business opportunities.

KITA acts as WTC Seoul

The WTC Seoul, owned and run by the Korea International Trade Association(KITA), joined the WTCA in 1972. It strives to be the World Best Business Center, managing global information networks to mediate business transactions and to provide the most useful trade information.

KITA aims to foster World Trade Center Seoul into a global hub for business and the MICE industry. World Trade Center Seoul(WTCS) is one of Seoul’s foremost locations for business, shopping, dining and entertainment. In addition to the COEX Mall, which is Asia’s largest underground mall. WTCS also offers office space for global trading firms and world-class facilities for domestic and international exhibitions and conventions.

Membership [Member Rank Change System Reflecting Member Activity]

  • - All services provided by tradeKorea.com (Inquiry, Selling KITA ePay Products, Newsletter, tradeAlert, Minisite, etc.) are free. Join as a Member of tradeKorea.
  • - When you join tradeKorea.com as a member, your member rank will be upgraded as your activity index for the last six months is re-calculated every month.
  • - When you become a Gold Trader or Gold Plus Trader, you can use premium services directly managed by the tradeKorea management team, such as Buyer Marketing and Premium Inquiry, free of charge
  • * Build credibility by participating in various activities with tradeKorea and KITA.
  • - You can see more details about joining as a member here. Click here!

<tradeKorea Member and Service>

tradeKorea Memberships and Services
Membership Level Terms and Conditions
Trader -   Ordinary Traders
     who provided only personal information(plus company information in case of Sellers)
Gold Trader
  • -   After calculating an activity index for the last six months, assigned to members within the top 0.5%
  • -   One Gold Medal granted
Gold Plus Trader
  • -   After calculating an activity index for the last six months, assigned to members within the top 0.1%
  • -   Two Gold Medals granted

How to Acquire and Use Credits

+ / - Credits Activity Credits

How to




/Sign In

Join tradeKorea.com


Add company information to My Account (> Company Info.)


Sign in (Once per day)


Every year after joining tradeKorea.com (Credit given automatically)




Post a new product (*Credit given when it is approved) *seller only


Add a video(s) onto your product information *seller only




Send an inquiry or offer


Quick reply to an inquiry (reply within 24 hours)


Reply to an inquiry (reply after 24 hours)


Buying Lead

Post a buying lead


How to






Use Top-Searched Keyword Service for one week *seller only

(My tradeKorea > My Credit)


Add a new Circular Letter (My tradeKorea > My C/L)


Send a Premium Inquiry *Inquiry to a Korean seller only

* tradeKorea helps the sender(buyer) contact the recipient(Korean seller)

and supports the communication between the two.


Use Buyer DB when sending an inquiry (-1 per Buyer) *Korean seller only


Service [tradeKorea.com provides various services for you to achieve successful transactions.]

  • We provide reliable information about Korean companies and products.
    • tradeKorea.com maintains a certified and reliable database of companies, including more than 70,000 KITA member and non-member companies.
  • We provide GBMS, a direct matching service for Sellers and Buyers. (Apply for GBMS)
    • Our Global Business Matching Service (GBMS) is a service in which Buyers are directly matched with their desired products through the database of companies maintained by tradeKorea. (Provided for free)
    • It is an on/offline direct matching service provided by trade experts.
    • It helps you find reliable trade partners in Korea.
    • It provides a business consulting service for the entire trade process with Korean companies.
  • tradeKorea.com Online Exhibition will be available.
    • The Online Exhibition will be available for different themes, and will satisfy both Buyers and Sellers
    • The Online Exhibition is a service that supports Korean companies’ exports and helps overseas buyers to easily find products from Korean companies
  • We provide interesting products and the latest trade news to all members/non-members. (Provided for free)
    • tradeAlert provides information on your areas of interest. (See Details)
      • Once you register your categories of interest for products or Buying Leads, you will receive a tradeAlert by e-mail whenever there is new information in the relevant category.
    • tradeAlertWe provide a Newsletter service, providing the latest trade trends, events, and news. (Apply for Newsletter)
      • The newsletter provides information about trade trends in Korea, events, and news.
  • We provide a service that allows both Sellers and Buyers to engage in safe transactions.
    • tradeKorea.com selects and assigns marks to trusted companies. (See Details)
      • We assign Gold Plus Trader marks to members in the top 0.1% of the tradeKorea.com activity index.
      • We assign Gold Trader marks to members in the top 0.5% of the tradeKorea.com activity index.
      • We assign marks to companies that are members of KITA (Korea International Trade Association), Korea’s representative trade association.
      • We assign marks to member companies registered with KITA ePay, a secure online e-payment service.
      • We assign marks to companies that have previously registered (or are still registered) in the Online Exhibition operated by tradeKorea.com.
      • We assign marks to member companies that have a DUNS Number, which can be used to check company credit information for safe transactions.
      • We assign Fast Response marks to member companies that provide timely responses(within 48 hours) to Inquiries.
    • The tradeKorea.com Service Team reduces risk by managing a Blacklist of companies that have engaged in unsafe transactions with members.
  • We provide online e-payment services. (*In order to sell products online, you must register with KITA ePay.) (Apply for KITA ePay)
    • We provide a service in which sales and purchases can be immediately arranged online through the KITA ePay service.
    • Both Sellers and Buyers can use a secure online payment service. (Shipments, completions, and refunds can be checked.)
    • We provide a service in which a Price Offer can be made to a specific buyer.
      • We provide a service that allows you to arrange online payments for a specific Buyer after finalizing a Deal with that Buyer.
  • We provide C/Ls (Circular Letters) for product offer and promotion.
    • Different types of Circular Letter designs are provided.
    • You can make Circular Letters designed for each product and Buyer.
  • A two-way Inquiry feature is available.
    • Unlike a one-time Inquiry, the two-way Inquiry feature is provided for parties to communicate back and forth.
    • The feature is easy and convenient to use, functioning like an e-mail.
    • A history feature is provided for checking the content of Inquiry communications.
    • A Premium Inquiry is intensively managed by the tradeKorea.com Matching Team to enable safe transactions between Sellers and Buyers.
  • We give Credits according to members’ activity index. (See Details)
    • tradeKorea.com gives Credits according to members’ activity index.
      • Sellers can gain Credits as follows.
        : Credits can be earned by entering company information, registering a selling product, modifying product information, receiving an Inquiry, registering a Selling Offer & a video, registering a Fast Response, and completing a transaction (by ePay service as well), applying for KITA ePay service.
      • Buyers can gain Credits as follows.
        : Credits can be earned by registering company information, registering Buying Leads, receiving Selling Offers, Sending Inquiries, registering a Fast Response, and completing a transaction (by ePay service as well).
  • We provide Minisites to promote your company. (Provided for free)
    • Minisites are provided for companies that have products to promote individually.
    • Different themed designs for Minisites are provided for free.
    • Product management features are provided for convenient product promotion.
    • Various methods of management tools are provided, including banner displays and product displays.
    • Bulletins for posting company events and news are provided.

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