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Cosmetic export
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  • Buyer Name  : Nasim Ibrahim
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Hello, My name is Nasim and I am from Afghanistan. 


I am looking for these cosmetic products to export to Afghanistan. I don't care about the brands. If you have products that can match to my target price, please send me picture, price and catalog to my email : 

I will buy few boxes for sampling and after my customers in Afghanistan confirm, I will buy one container every month. 

(please don't send me your products if you can't match with my requirements) 


1- Face wash/ Face Cleanser (Target Price $1.5/piece)

2- Face Cream/lotion ( Target price $ 2/piece) 

3- eye cream ( Target price $1.5/piece)

4- Shampoo (Target Price $1.5/piece)

5- Rinse ( Target price $1.5/piece for size)

6- Moisture cream (target price $2/piece) 

7- Foundation ( $1.5/piece)

8- Make-up powder ( $1.5/piece)

9- Masacara ( $1.2/ piece) 

10- Sun cream ( $1.3/peice) 








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