Best Quality 4K DSLR Camera OEM 33MP or Higher and EF-Compatible Lenses, & Accessories

Best Quality 4K DSLR Camera OEM 33MP or Higher and EF-Compatible Lenses, & Accessories
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  • Buyer Name  : Sung Hun Kang
  • Phone Number : +1-240-707-1420
  • Company Name : Vastopia
Offer Expires 2017-08-14 Quantity 100 Pieces

Dear Sir/Madam, This is "Sonny" Sung Hun Kang from USA. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Best Quality 4K DSLR Camera OEM 33MP or Higher and EF-Compatible Lenses, & Accessories. Quantity Required:100 - 200 Pieces Expire Time:2017-08-12 23:59:59 Destination Port:Hagerstown, MD., USA Payment:T/T Shipping:DDU Video capture:Yes Battery type:OEM Battery, Rechargeable battery pack, OEM Battery Adaptor, 12 Volt Power Adaptor, 2 - 4 AA batteries. Display size: Live View 4.0", 3.0" diagonal TFT or better screen tech. Quality: Best Quality DSLR Camera for OEM MP: 33MP or Higher Resolution: 4K Camera. No mirror DSLR body OK. Mirror DSLR body OK too. Movie Function: Yes. (4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.) Video Camera or Movie shooting enabled. Rapid Shooting: Yes. Shutter Control: Yes. Aperture Control: Yes. Remote Control: Yes. Automatic Control: Yes. Manual Control: Yes. Interchangeable lenses: Yes. (Macro and micro in all focal width and sizes) EF compatible, Prime lenses and telephoto lenses. Interchangeable flash with mountable shoe. Compact Flash Card Interface. Wireless & Wifi Enable: Yes. Bluetooth: Yes. Movie Function: Enable Auto Mode: Yes. Aperture Control: Yes. Shutter Control: Yes. Manual Control: Yes. ISO Control: Yes. Battery: 2 to 4 AA batteries. OEM Proprietary Battery: Yes with safe disposal instructions for the consumer. OEM Proprietary Power/Battery Adaptor: Yes. with Safety Instructions. OEM Proprietary Interchangeable flashes: Yes. with Safety Instructions. Mini HDMI Port: Yes. USB port: Yes. Remote Flash Port: Yes. All cables: Yes. OEM Camera Strap with Logo: Yes. Camera Management and Photo Processing Software with Instructions: Yes. Retail Box Design in Color Required. User Manual Design in Color Required in Paper and CD/DVD. Basically, I need a camera and a suite of lenses comparable to best selling, major brand name Japanese cameras. All USA Consumer Electronics & Camera Certifications Required: FCC, UL, Energy Star. Also, CE for Europe, other certifications for marketing in Eastern Europe to include Russia, Asia, South America, North America, Africa, and Australia a plus for global trade. All third party licenses are required and to be listed in the camera, lens, accessories user manuals. Trade Term: DDU. The buyer will pay customs clearance and taxes. The suppler is responsible all other fees for a door to door delivery to Maryland, USA address. Air or sea shipment authorized. Seller is to provide all shipment and inspection documents to buyer before and after shipping, whichever is applicable. The camera(s), lenses, and all accessories will bear the brand name of either "Vastopia" or "Pluxonic" or both. If there are two models, we can try two different names or just one name in the beginning. I am in my research phase to buy later with a best offer. I look forward to receiving your best and most affordable quote. Best regards, "Sonny" Kang Product & Brand Development & Acquisitions, USA 

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