ABS pastic granule

ABS pastic granule
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  • Buyer Name  : Aleksey Sh.
  • Company Name : Rusimportrade-MSK
Keyword ABS, RAW MATERIAL, STAREX, granule plastic
Offer Expires 2017-12-09 Quantity 10  tonns per month

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are looking for product with the following specifications:
1. ABS white ABS Starex SD-0150U (W96410)
Item                   Measuring Method    Condition                Unit        Value
Specific Gravity              D792        Natural or representative color -   1,06
Melt Flow Index             D1238       200 °C, 5 kg             g/10 min   1,7
Tensile Strength at yield D638        5mm/min                  Mpa 40
Flexural strength              D790             2.8mm/min                  Mpa 58
Flexural modulus              D790                 2.8mm/min                 Mpa 2100
Izod impact strength (notched)D256    1/4"                            J/m     240
Rockwell Hardness       G785         R-scale                        - 109
VICAT Softening Temperature ISO R306        B/50           °C        98


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