Welding Consumable-Filler for GTAW

Welding Consumable-Filler for GTAW
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  • Buyer Name  : Elham Abkari
  • Company Name : Fateh Sanat Kimia Comapny
Keyword Welding, Welding Consumable, Filler, GTAW
Offer Expires 2018-06-10 Quantity 50 Kilogram/Kilograms


Dear  ,

Good Day ~


A new inquiry enclosed for your review . Please kindly check and send us related quotation at your earliest.We need 50 KG of Filler for GTAW  used as Welding Consumable for 1303, 1306, 1308 .


I`m looking forward to hearing from you soon  .

Thank you very much ,

Best Regards,

We need 


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