Skincare and Makeup Brands for Export to Philippines

Skincare and Makeup Brands for Export to Philippines
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  • Buyer Name  : Andrea Anddrada
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We are a company that focuses on bringing the best skincare and makeup products around the world to the Philippines. We've partnership with leading online portals for beauty products in our country.


We're looking for companies that can provide us good price discount for brands such as:

1. Dear Klairs

2. Some by Mi/Ifactory

3. Neogen

4. Son& Park

5. Mizon

6. Bbia

7. Macqueen New York


9. Isntree

10. Skinmiso

11. Benton


These are just some brands I am interested to, but I am open to other brands as well.


I am looking for a good facemasks that are priced around 200krw, you can offer that.


Here are some of my requirements:

1. We'll be processing FDA notification, so I'll be needing an agreement document between your company and our company and other documents

2. You must be accepting PayPal payments as well





Expiration notification
This service has expired. If you have any further question about the matching service, please do not hesitate to contact the representative of KITA Buyer Matching Team

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