Ceramic CPU Scrap.

Ceramic CPU Scrap.
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  • Buyer Name  : Gennady Aleksandrovi
  • Phone Number : +380-68-8010-000
  • Company Name : PE Omega
Keyword Ceramic CPU Scrap, CPU Scrap, Electronic Scrap, Motherboard Scrap
Offer Expires 2018-07-08 Quantity 20000 Kilogram/Kilograms



We are looking for reliable and decent suppliers of 
We are regular consumers of Ceramic CPU Scrap ( Intel Pentium PRO, AMD-K5, NEC server chip, Toshiba server chip, Cyrix Cx586, IBM 6x86MX PR200, Alpha DEC large, Cyrix 6x86, Intel I486, Intel I486 + DX2, Intel I486 DX4, Cyrix M II, IDT WinChip C6-PSME200GA, Actel A1460A, Intel I960 ceramic, IDT 79R4700-100G,Intel Pentium MMX, Intel i486 TX486DLC,AMD 486, AMD K6-2, AMD 486 DX2-80, Cyrix Cx486, Intel i486 SX, IBM 5x86, Texas Instruments 486). To start cooperation, please provide fresh pictures of your processors in front and behind. 
We are interested in a trial consignment of 100-200 kg for carrying out the analysis. Monthly we recycle 20000kg Ceramic CPU Scrap.


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