Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet
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Offer Expires 2018-08-09 Quantity 0 40' Container


We are a broker of deals and we have many orders to buy but the way of payment is 100% L/C
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Processed Specifications 

1- Chicken Feet Processed/ Grade A
2- Without Yellow Skin and nail
3- Washed and Clean
4- No Feathers and No Bad smell
5- No Blood and No black spots/pads
6- Broken Bone (2 to 5 %)
7-no ice or water on the chicken feet.
8-Net weight: up 30-50 grams &up +-3%
9-Shelf life: 12 months.

Packing Specifications:
1- Blasted at:-40
2-  Storage at:-18
3-  Transportation Temperature:-18
4-   Packing style and weight per block:2 pogy bag*10kg


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