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  • Buyer Name  : Alyssa Mancuso
  • Company Name : Phoenix-Fire Accessories
Keyword iPhone smartphone, SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE, LG SMARTPHONE, ZTE Smartphone
Offer Expires 2017-04-16 Quantity 10 Pieces



I am looking for suppliers for my online retail store. I have been selling phone accessories for quite some time now, but I would like to be able to expand my company into selling more consumer electronics. I am looking for mobile phones - iPhone, Samsung, LG, ZTE - as well as I am always looking for additional phone accessories to sell. 


I am looking for the highest quality at the cheapest price. Please let me know if anyone is up for working with me, as this is not a one time buy, but a start to a long business relationship....I need a constant flow of orders, each order bigger than the last. I need a company that is honest and not going to play any games. I need to be able to make an order immediately as well as get into contact with the person I am dealing with, not having to wait days to get into contact with someone, obviously within reason.


Please contact me with a price list and shipping costs, as well as any discounts or offers you may have.


Thank you so MUCH!


Alyssa Mancuso - Phoenix-Fire Accessories

Whatsapp: 1-626-497-6456


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