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Thank you for visiting Banax home page. We've been made steady effort and accomplished the honor of today. We're also keeping your continuous encouragement in mind and promise you the better service and satisfaction. Over the past couple of decades, Banax has centered on the precision engineering of the fishing equipment such as reels and rods, one step at a time. Our technology will let you hold the most innovative products in your hand. Now we are standing as a company which has the competitive power and keeping outstanding quality in our reels and rods. There are some reasons which make us competitive. Firstly we are the main supplier of the world wide dealers. It make the quality of our products competitive. There were innumerable obstacles to overcome engineering & development control by advanced company. The customer's changing demands in the market place, as well as the increasing desires to serve the qualified products and the more advanced grade of the product than others made us annealed. But we could renew ourselves to comply with uncertain and potential needs which were unable to catch up with anglers' expectation by those difficulties. Secondarily we have the factory line in china. Those make us competitive in price. Thirdly we offer the good delivery time and A/S system. For the customer satisfaction, our good service will go on. Our brand name "BANAX" shows our goal in the leisure and fishing field. Our goal is to create the value for human by giving satisfaction. Banax in GREEN and BLUE have the meaning as below There is existing true hope and good faith, and its stands for GREEN and BLUE, like our Banax. Banax does not only mean these concepts but also emphasize joyful human life supporting by science and nature. As a happiness is come from well harmony of human and nature, we can easily find our role contributing human, because we will enrich the joy of fishermen with our excellent and innovative products in 21st century.




Address 541-4, Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon
TEL 82-32-584-4001
FAX 82-32-584-4013
Homepage www.banax.co.kr
Sales -
Date of Establishment 19920716
Employee 101-500