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The design theme of a designer, Jeong-ju, Kim, Mucha Jewelry, is flower, nature and attractive women.
The wedding gifts of mucha jewelry expressive the beauty of the bride and groom love.

The name of MUCHA is created by an artist's name. Alponse Maria Mucha, One of the painter, 19th century of art nouveau which matches to a design image designer Kim pursuits.

The wedding gifts of mucha jewelry which have incomparable values is "designer jewelry" that not only means wedding but special values of the time.




Address MUCHA Bldg F2 93-12, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
President Jung-ju, Kim
TEL 82-2-542-3926
FAX 82-2-542-3929
Homepage www.mucha.co.kr
Sales -
Date of Establishment 2007-04-11
Employee -