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The Dong kwang Heavy Industrial Company Ltd. was established in 1987 with maintenance job for heavy machinery, and in 1993 the company started to produce pile driving hydraulic hammer and produced more than 300units so far. Since 1993, Dong Kwang has dominated domestic market and in 1998 the company started to export to the world market and competing with world leading hammer manufacturers. Now, many Dong kwang representatives are located in each continent and a joint venture is established and running in Hong Kong, also very active marketing activities are done by each countries representative. Since 1993, after producing the prototype hammer, Dong Kwang has produced various range of 3ton to 30ton hammers and developed more than 40ton hammer for customers order. Dong Kwang has obtained world major mark included the CE mark for giving our hammers reliability to European customers also we have obtained ISO9002 and ISO9001 for our customers' reliability in the world market. Dong kwang has more advantages in the customer service section than any other companies. Our customer service team is operated 365days for domestic market and one of dong kwang engineer is permanently staying in Hong Kong for customer service, also we are providing the world coverage of customer satisfaction. In addition, Dong kwang has moved to Hwaseong si, at the end of August, 2002. we'll produce better quality of hammers and new products in the good environment of new facilities




Address 122-4, Goju-ri, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 445-912, Korea
President KIM SUNG BAE
TEL 82-31-366-1345
FAX 82-31-366-1346
Homepage www.pilemer.net
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Date of Establishment 20041101
Employee 1-50