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We have changed the name of our company from SUNGSHIN P & Ind. Co., Ltd. to SPG Co., Ltd., to reflect the changes and improvements of our firm in hopes of obtaining a more prominent position in the international world of motor manufacturing. Our name change not only brings recognition & visibility to our motors being simply the best option for the highest quality and the most cost effective. It is our great pleasure to introduce our company, SPG Co., Ltd. as one of the fastest growing electric geared motor manufacturers in Korea. We have a long-standing history in producing the highest quality of geared motors to local Korean and international companies throughout the world. Our desire is not only to exceed our customers’ motor needs operationally, but meet their service and upkeep requirements. Moreover we are proud of being equipped with the most technologically advanced facilities for production, most informed and skilled engineers, which all makes it possible to guarantee our customers with the best motor products. The collaborative technical knowledge and working experiences of our manufacturing team, has given us a stronger understanding of what is required for a successful partnership to create innovative design, perform superior testing, acquire 6qualification, process mass production and offer best-in class servicing for all our Customers. We express our sincere hope for prosperity in our Customer's business and we look forward to working with you and your motor requirements.




Address 67Block, 12 Lot, 628-11, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu Incheon
President JUNHO-LEE
TEL 82-32-820-8200
FAX 82-32-821-0383
Homepage www.spg.co.kr
Sales -
Date of Establishment 19910321
Employee 101-500