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STARNEX, a Korean company, created a new concept in security systems. We introduced our systems, “Self- Guard”, a micro mobile DVR at ISC West and IFSEC security shows in this year, and well received all over the world. A revolutionary concept about “Self-Guard”, is to offer you and your customers a TOTAL SOLUTION of having camera, monitoring, recording, networking and wireless (Bluetooth) in one body. In additions, “Self-Guard” is a user friendly system requires no professional help to install and maintain. There are 3 (three) models in Self-Guard; SG- 1000, SG-2000 and SG-3000. SG-1000 has only video functions, SG-2000 has audio/video functions and SG-3000 has audio/video functions with wireless communication while camera, monitoring, recording, networking are standard facilities and capacities in all models. The actual size of “Self-Guard” is less than a pack of cigarette. Please find our brochure in below address for your review; http://www.starnexinternational.com/pdf/01.pdf Indeed, we are offering samples of SG-1000, SG-2000 and SG-3000 to our customers all over the world. However, SG-3000 is only available in an engineering sample with some technical limitations. The standard sample package of “Self-Guard” includes SG body with 128MB memory,Battery, Docking Station, Concealing Case, Carrying Case, Adapter and Assorted for connection. Please find our website address is http://www.STARNEXinternational.com Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.




Address 197-33 , Guro-dong, Guro-gu, SEOUL, KOREA
TEL 82-2-863-8100
FAX 82-2-854-8155
Homepage www.starnex.co.kr
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Date of Establishment 20030701
Employee 1-50