Product name BSH-10
Category Consumer Electronics > Earphone & Headphone
Keyword bluetooth stereo headset, headset, stereo headset
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STE's Bluetooth Stereo Headset BSH-10

Adopting Bluetooth Module, it's the first full duplex stereo communication solution in the world.
STE's one-step-ahead wireless technology enable you to go easy wireless access to your home appliances like PC, TV, CD player
and other Hi-Fi Audio system with a simply-plug-in operation. Easy user interface, noice filtering for clear sound, power saving system and cool design are the special features of the most advanced wireless heaset. With BSH-10, you can enjoy your favorite music stored in your PC in full stereo sound walking around your office room, or watch TV without making any noisy interference to others. And you don't have to miss your voice chat or internet phone call while heading for refrigerator for soda pop at your home. Furthermore, you can also use it as a hands-free set connecting with your mobile phone. BSH-10 is so versatile.


Mode Item First Model Second Model
TX & RX Output Power Average (TX) -6 ~ +4 dBm
Output Power Peak (TX) < 23 dBm
Power Density (TX) < 20 dBm
Frequency Range 2,400 ~ 2,483.5 MHz
20dB Bandwidth < 1,000 kHz
Initial Carrier Frequency Tolerance < ±75 kHz
Maximum Input Level (RX) > -20 dBm
Power Source Power 4.5 Vdc Battery "AA"
Current < 200 mA
Audio Distortion 0.3 %
Audio Response 20 ~ 15,000 Hz 20 ~ 20,000 Hz
Output Power RL=32 ohm25 mW Max 200 mW
A-D & D-A Solution 8 bit 16 bit
Temperature Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 50 °C
Bandwidth Channel 0 ~ 22 Ch
Function Volume cw, ccw (0 ~100%) Push up/down
Power On/Off
Stand-by On/Off
Communication length Class 1 Less than 100m
Class 2 Less than 10m
HS code