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About Us

On behalf of Tovis, I would like to express our deepest gratitude toward you.We as mankind have used a multitude of visual equipment in our daily lives and will continue to do so. We can see visual equipment wherever we go, whether we are at home, behind the wheel, or walking down the street. It has demonstrated a prominent advancement as a means to provide convenience and enjoyment for our everyday life. Now it is no longer a simple means that makes our living more convenient but has become an irreplaceable part of the world we are living in. It has changed the way of our living greatly and has taken a position where it can change the world. The future of Tovis is the future of visual equipment. Tovis focuses all its capacity on digital and flat technologies to keep abreast with the current paradigm, There have been major technology paradigm shifts from analogue to digital and from normal CRT to flat CRT and to digital FPD such as LCD or PDP. Moreover, we are striving to lead future changes in the visual industry through untiring R&D effort. Unafraid of challenge and empowered with creative thinking, we at Tovis put the highest priority on customer satisfaction and will create the world's No.1 visual company of which we can be proud. We will show you the future of visual equipment. Tovis itself is the future of visual equipment. Once again, let me express our special appreciation to you for your continuous encouragement and support.


Country South Korea
President KIM,YONG-BEOM contact
Phone 82-33-763-2125
Address 393-6, Neungan-ri, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-shi, 220-841, Gangwon-do, KOREA
Product Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Wires, Cables & Cable Assemblies > Other Wires, Cables & Cable Assemblies
Year Established 19980908
No. of Total Employees 51-100
Main Markets Australia , Spain , U. Kingdom , Japan , U.S.A
Certification -
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