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IPScan is the leading IP/MAC access and address management solution, deployed today by hundreds of large enterprises, service providers, government and military agencies and educational institutions. 
IPScan consists of a system of distributed hardware probes and centralized server, database and administrative console software, and provides IP-enabled organizations with valuable security, availability, compliance and operational efficiency benefits. 
IPScan is the only solution that provides complete control over all IP/MAC access to the network.
IPScan automatically detects and documents every single Ethernet and IP address that ever attempts access to the network, and enforces centrally defined policies in real-time, with the ability to block unauthorized devices from communicating on the network.
IPScan helps secure networks against internal breaches, prevents inadvertent network disruptions from address conflicts, mitigates against the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements for securing and controlling customer, corporate financial and gaming operation information, and increases IT’s operational efficiency in delivering information services.


All-in-one solution, IPScan XE offering features such as strict blocking, outstanding IP/MAC address management, network device management and built-in DHCP server perfect in every network environment. The superior DHCP server of eXpress edition outperforms competitors’and facilitates easy network configuration and management. It not only performs faster IP allocation, but also offers IP allocation report, helping you build an optimal DHCP environment. 
● Network-wide, real-time detection and monitoring of all IP/MAC addresses

Distributed IPScan probes automatically detect all IP/MAC devices on the network, which are catalogued into a centralized server database for policy definition and enforcement. IPScan goes beyond traditional DHCP address services by providing full visibility and management of both DHCP and static IP addressed devices. 
● Centralized IP/MAC network access and address usage policy definition

Once devices are detected and stored in the central database, network managers can define global address and access policies, including specifying specific combinations of MAC address, IP address and even hostname in order for a device to be authorized to connect to the network. All unassigned addresses, whether managed statically or via DHCP, can be marked as unauthorized by default. Once policies are defined, they are downloaded to distributed probes. 
● Automatic enforcement and blocking of unauthorized devices and addresses

IPScan probes can enforce policies by automatically blocking unauthorized devices that have unrecognized, changed, or unauthorized addresses and/or hostnames. In addition, administrators can in real-time block access to a particular device from the administrative console. 
● Event detection and audit-trail logging

IP/MAC access policies can be specified on a time of day, day of week or date basis. Access can also be defined for a specific time and duration. 
● Extensive Department and Group Definition Capabilities

All IP/MAC address-related events such as attempted IP address changes, IP address conflicts, and new MAC or IP addresses, are detected and logged in real-tim to the central database to establish a complete audit-trail. 
● Extensive Department and Group Definition Capabilities

Administrators can flexibly create groups and categorize IP users into physical and logical groups for comprehensive management. 
IP/MAC addresses that have been inactive for a predefined period of time can be automatically blocked until users re-establish authorization credentials on the network.



Insider security breaches are both commonplace and costly. The 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey reports 68% of organizations reported that they had suffered at least one, if not more insider security incidents. IPScan delivers a powerful security solution to mitigate against the considerable risks of insider security breaches. IPScan provides a comprehensive, policy-based access control enforcement solution that ensures that only authorized devices can connect to the internal network, whether via wired or wireless media. 
According to the Forrester Group, 15% of all application downtime is caused by network issues, and a majority of the root causes of network-based downtime is due to IP addressing problems. IP address conflicts that bring down connectivity to key servers, or worse, to key routers can cause costly network downtime. This means that under-managed IP address space is a business risk liability to every organization. IPScan can virtually eliminate the risk of network downtime due to IP address conflicts, since it enforces complete policy-based address management controls over not only dynamic (DHCP) addresses, but also static IP addresses and even MAC addresses and hostnames. 
IPScan provides an automated and centrally managed platform for network access control policy definition, propagation and enforcement. IPScan also records a history of every device’s access to the network, to provide solid documentation of the control processes for compliance purposes. Without IPScan, a breach of data privacy could be easily shown to be the result of poor control processes on fundamental network access, which may result in stiff fines and penalties. 
IP address management is a time-consuming, yet absolutely necessary IT task. Due to its comprehensive detection, monitoring, audit trail documentation, administration and policy enforcement capabilities, IPScan reduce IP address management by 80%, leading to increased productivity, lowered costs, and faster response times to customer and market requirements. 

Meeting the Enterprise Security and Compliance Challenge
Enterprises today have an increasingly complex set of IT challenges. Not only must IT provide a competitive edge by increasing productivity and market reach, IT departments must also manage the information infrastructure to increasingly strict government compliance standards while fending off external and internal security threats.
IPScan provides a unique combination of security, automated resource management, and compliance benefits to a wide variety of enteprise organizations. Deployed by hundreds of leading financial, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and other enterprises, IPScan puts IT firmly in control of all IP/MAC access to the network, automates time-consuming routein IP address management tasks, and helps ensure compliance with SOX, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley and other regulatory requirements. IPScan also enforces internal security controls across the entire network automatically, and maintains an always-accurate set of network documentation on end user addressing and access hsitory. Finally, IPScan prevents costly downtime from network address conflicts that can take down critical routers, switches and servers. 
Enabling More Competitive and Cost-Effective IP Service Delivery
Service Providers are faced with stiff global competition in the race to provide broader, more integrated bundles of IP-enabled services including Internet access, video entertainment, fixed and mobile voice, and converged messaging. With the explosion of IP services comes an explosion of core network and customer IP/MAC devices, many of which utilize static IP addresses. Service Providers need the ability to gain control over their address management and network access in order to ensure the optimal deployment of assets and personnel for revenue generation.
IPScan is the leading solution for IP/MAC access and address management, providing an unparalleled level of automation that enables greater operational accuracy and responsiveness. IPScan increases network and service availability by preventing downtime from address conflicts, and enforces secure controls over access to networks that handle customers' sensitive data traffic. 
Enabling Security, Readiness and Customer Service
Government and military agencies really increasingly on IP network-based information systems to empower them to deliver critical public and national services. Often there is little or no room for error in delivering these services, so internal security threats, network outages, and lack of internal control processes cannot be tolerated..
IPScan ensures that government and military agencies' IP networks are :
Secure from rogue devices that create internal network and informaiton security threats 
Robust and protected from downtime due to IP address conflicts that can bring down critical routers, switches and servers 
Tightly controlled by sound IP/MAC resource allocation processes compliant withthe highest best practices standards 
Freed from burdensome address management maintenance overhead that costs IT organizationsthe ability to focus on strategic intiatiatives 
Enforcing Security and Resource Management in Open Network Environments
University environments are by nature higly fluid, and the IP networks serving student bodies are wide open to a range of fixed and wireless access, with students' use of university networks largely unsupervised. The combination of these factors can make it challenging to properly manage network access and addressing, to say the least.
IPScan provides a centralized control point for all network access and address assignment, but that is completely transparent to student and other users, with no client software needed, for maximum control and ease of use.
IPScan helps university network administrators ensure that rogue devices are not entering the network, and that address conflicts are not affecting campus and Internet communications. Since IPScan automatically detects IP/MAC devices, administrators are relieved of the time-consuming burden of manually administrating IP address space, freeing them to focus on more pressing initiatives.

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