Please be informed that Product Registration takes up to 1-2 business days to be approved by administrator and if the detailed description of the product is not provided properly, the product can be rejected. To see the status of the rejected product, please log in to and go to My tradeKorea> My Product> Click on [Rejected] to see the notice and edit the information.

Please check the reasons for product rejections before you re-submit your products.

Email address provided
An email is provided within product detailed description, company introduction and product image will be rejected.
Absence of Product Info
No image, product detailed description under five lines, same product description will be rejected.
Product description, company introduction and images should be provided in English only.
Misleading Information
Hidden text in product detailed description or selling leads registered on buying leads will be rejected.
External Link Provided
External links provided within product description or company introduction will be rejected
Product Page Errors
Errors in the product detailed description, image, HTML or tables will be rejected.
Duplicated Information
Product will be rejected if the identical product has already has been registered.
Faulty Product Image
Invisible image, inappropriate image or error in image will be rejected.

※ Selling Leads rejected reasons are same as product rejected reasons.