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Water Tube Boiler

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Daelim Royal EnP Co., Ltd (Daelim Royal Boiler)

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Detailed Description

  • Water tube packaged boiler with membrane wall system is designed to keep the wall under saturated steam temperature by minimizing radiant heat loss.
  • It has high durability with the compact design and high quality materials.
  • The design was made in accordance with the calculation of minimum maintenance temperature of heating surface to solve the problem of short life time of air pre-heater caused by any erosion of low temperature.
  • As it has membrane wall system, there is no gas leaking and it is easy to repair and clean
  • Special steam separator is used to minimize foaming and priming to prevent low productivity resulting from the erosion of water hammer pipe and wet steam.
  • With the proper arrangement of vaporization pipe, downcast pie and banks of tube, water is smoothly circulated and it is very safe because of no shake of the water inside boiler pipes.
  • It is also designed to lower the loss of ventilation, which made it possible to reduce the maintenance cost and operation noise.
  • Possible to install in narrow places by assembling on the spot
  • As using reliable components, its stability is very high.

Usage : Synthetic fiber, Cathode-ray tube, Paper manufacturing, breweries,
Food Industry, Rubber factory and any factory that needs medium or large volume of steam
with high pressure such as petroleum chemistry plants.

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