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PICO-Color Check

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  • PICO-Color Check

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All Nations Co., Ltd.

South KoreaSouth Korea

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Detailed Description

PICO-Color Check

  • Color check visible penetrant kits quickly locate surface cracks
  • Easy to transport for field inspections.
  • No UV light required because of vivid red color.


  • penetrant x 1can/450ml
  • Developer x 2can/450ml
  • Remover x 3can/450ml


  1. Not decays any tested materials.
  2. Rapid and exact detection of fine surface defects not observable with eye
  3. Reserving indications on the surface as long as not cleaning
  4. Easily usable even by a beginner owing to the aerosol products
  5. Economical to small quantity and at the field site

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