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Soarcom Co., Ltd.

South KoreaSouth Korea

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Detailed Description

Online Screen Matching Game System
Just like bring the challenger the place where you are playing, Bellum gives you all the sight when you play dart.

Touch Screen Interface
"Touch to go", easy and simple UI by touching the screen to handle all the games of Bellum

Control system for infrared rays touch screen

  • Ergonomic full touch screen.
  • It is possible to enjoy matching in various ways by directly selecting or automatically designating desired opponent of the match.

Configuration of 3-directional webcam screen

  • Can watch oneself, opponent of the match, and board from beginning to the end of the match.
  • Provides opportunity to correct one's posture through watching one's own posture.
  • Guides game progress to observe game manner.

On-line play, interactive message transfer function

  • Provides dynamic and convenient chatting environment by delivering stored messages through touch screen.
  • Realizes On-line tournament/league environment
  • Possible to realize combined tournament among regional leagues without limitation of time/space.

Athrow Website

  • Provides dart community environment through making friend function
  • Provides various tournaments and regional competitions on the Athrow homepage.
  • Manages/maintains personal game data on server.
  • Manages/maintains data for friends and visited shops.
  • Provides various information on the bellum-installed shops.
All games controlled with touch screen
19"full infrared touch screen to select play type in a way that enjoys the dart game more easily & conveniently
Three side LED light
3 way of the brilliant LED lights are available to make player better focus onto the dartboard
High visibility 24"LCD monitor
Monitor is LCD 24"screen installed at the top of the bellum that is designed to watch in any direction
Real-time play with 2 web cams
2 of web camera make the online game more exciting and fun
On-line playing through the internet
Bellum makes it come true to play with all player of the world and manage all your data of record, rating, friends list etc.
Woofer & surround speakers
Player can feel dynamic on a game fully through the surround speakers with woofer system

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