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"KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream

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  • "KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream
  • "KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream
  • "KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream
  • "KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream

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Detailed Description


New functional ingredient in whitening "Alpha-Bisabolol," and containing a wealth of plant estrogens,"pomegranate extract" containing the active response to the aging of the skin.Karas The Miracle Triple Action White Cream contains pomegranate water extracted from pomegranates that are abundant in plant estrogen, and aggressively takes action against skin aging for triple effects.


Contains pomegranate water, extracted from pomegranates,  also know as the fruit of life. Pomegranates are known to be great for women because they

contain the female hormone estrogen which will make skin resilient, and vitamin C which will make skin transparent and energetic.

Also, the AHA component of pomegranate dissolves dead skin cells without stimulation, effectively improving fine wrinkles, roughness, and dullness of skin,

providing a smooth and soft glow.

Pomegranate extracts help collagen synthesis, relieves skin from aging effects such as the loss of resilience, while maintaining skin smooth and tight.

Also, the hydroplus system, a moisture control system, transforms dry and fatigued skin so it is kept soft for extended periods.

Stable sun protectant effects will maintain skin healthy and bright during the hours skin is exposed to sunlight.

► Aging prevention from antioxidant effects – Not only carbohydrate, amino acid, vitamin, and other acids, but also abundant potassium, pectin, and tannin

   astringent, blood purifying, and antioxidant effects.

► Exfoliation of dead skin cells to improve skin complexion – AHA contained in pomegranate

► Superior skin regeneration effects – Abundance of minerals and vitamins

► Whitening effect

Activation of hindrance of mushroom tyrosinase in vitro            

► Major ingredients

Arbutin, adenosine, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, titanium dioxide


▣ Alpha-Bisabolo effective whitening ingredient functionality

 ▶ 10 times the whitening effect of arbutin-spots, blemishes inhibition of melanin that causes the whitening effect superior in efficacy

 ▶ Ensure safety of the human body - there's no cytotoxic effect on the skin without irritation

 ▶ For light and heat stability, high-functionality features stellar new whitening ingredient

 ▶ Brazil, derived from natural vegetable ingredients Candeiatree


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"KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream

"KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream

"KARAS" the miracle Whitening cream

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Alpha-Bisabolo, etc
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