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Coil Slitter Knife

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Detailed Description

SKS is very successful making metalworking knives including tooling package for a complete coil processing line. Typical customers for these knives and parts are FIMI Italy, Marcegaglia Italy etc.


Standard tolerance we perform on Slitter Blades and Spacers:0.003 or higher precision available upon request

Finish:Precision finish,Mirror finish,Lapping finish available

Standard materials:D2,H13,H12,SLD,Tungsten Carbide

Size capability:Outside Diameter from 40mm to 1500mm

Designs:Round keyway lock,Square keyway lock,Dirt groove and light weight designs

Knife toolings we make: Rotary Shear Blades,Separator Discs or Plates,Metal Spacers,Rubber Spacers

Rings,Aluminium Spacer etc.

New:color and hardness combination or mix designs,black oxide coating finish,cryogenic treatment

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