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DOIE CTcP machine X-0322U

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  • DOIE CTcP machine X-0322U

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Detailed Description

The great outside Dongcheng CTcP machine uses medium energy semiconductor laser to make the paintcoat chemical changes then printing palte, the image quality is excellent reliable, laser wavelenght is 405nm,and the life of laser is long.

Hangzhou Dongcheng Information Euipment Co.,Ltd is available to provide pr-press equipment with extremly high quality and considerable price.Please don’t hestiate to contact with foreign trader manager .

Model X-0322U
Light Channels 32 
Output Speed(P/h) 17
P size: 1030mm×800mm
Light Source 405nm Laser Diode
Output Resolution (dpi) 2400
Dot Reproduction 1%~99%
Register Accuracy (mm) <0.01
Plate Size (mm) Max. 1160×940; Min. 450×320
Suitable Plates uv-ctp , ctcp  Various uv-ctp,ctcp Plates
Plate Thickness (mm) 0.15~0.30
Plate Loading and Unloading Loading: Semi-automation(Standard Set)
Unloading:  Automation
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Position Accuracy (mm) 0.2
Plate Balance  Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB, 1000Mbit/s
Ambient Temperature 25℃±3℃
Humidity 20~80%(Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension (mm) L2050×W1050×H1050
Net Weight (kg) 1500
Power Supply 4.2 KW/220V±5%, 50/60Hz


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