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Water Softener, Water Shower

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  • Water Softener, Water Shower

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HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd.

South KoreaSouth Korea

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Detailed Description

* Characteristics


Purified water by this shower filter

1) Residual chlorine and harmful substances are removed

2) Becomes soft water and weak alkaline water

3) Provides antioxidant water by reducing power

4) Raises our skin’s immunity and it stimulates hair root & sweat glands activity so that helps our skin healthy and refresh.



Water & Health, and The care of Skin

Seventy percent of the body and eighty percent of body fluids consist of water.

Water plays an important role to stay our healthy and improve as well for your skin

and hair.

Tap water is treated with chlorine but on the way the treatment by chlorine, some

trihalomethane and chloroform which are cancerogenic, can be developed.

That’s why people use water purifiers for their drinking water and any purified water.

However people do not consider the importance for shower water and wash up water.

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