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Its type and weaving methods is unique.

HM CAST is totally different from other products in the current market in terms of type. Curent casts are tape-type, but HM CAST is stocking-type. And, entire part of HM CAST is weaved with air circulation hole

Operation is Unique.

Operation of current casts requires high level of expertise since they are tape type. HM CAST, however, can be put on as easy as you wear stockings.

You don't have to avoid water.

Since HM CAST is weaved with special material yarn, your skin will dry in 30 minutes even after the cast is soaked with water. Therefore, you don't have to worry about shower, bath and swimming..

It has excellent x-ray permeation rate.

Since it has excellent x-ray permeation rate, you can check bone condition anytime with cast being put on.
So ti is very economical and effective for treatment.

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