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Airborne Toilet Germs

It is a fact that toilets are full of virus particles and bacteria in water droplets, when you flush it.

-      Bacterial and Viral Aerosols due to Toilet Flushing

-      25,000 Virus particles and 600,000 Bacteria in Water Droplets

-      Floating and spreading germs for a few hours

-      Contaminating contact lenses, tooth brushes, and other stuff inside the toilet.


TODOC Dispenser and Refill



TODOC is proven and safe blend of herbal extracts and bio-nano ceramic to quickly kill toilet germs despite invisibility of those germs and prevent the hazards that it may cause.


One TODOC release (0.4ml) completely secures sanitary advance by the state of the art bio-nano technology and eco- friendly Korean traditional herb treatment.


TODOC is composed of 1 set of a dispenser and a refill. It is supposed to be attached on the tank storage of the toilet bowl or on the wall near the toilet flush button.




○ TODOC Dispenser
PKG Size : 142x114x113 (mm, w*d*h)
Battery : 2EA X 1.5V (AA size)
Material : PC (Polycarbonate)

○ TODOC Refill
PKG Size : 58x58x140 (mm, w*d*h)
Quantity : 200ml (about 530 times use)

○ TODOC Spray
PKG Size : 30x30x100 (mm, w*d*h)
Quantity : 25ml (about 70 times use)

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