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Product Detail Information
Product Description
MediTex Function
-Waterproofed & Air-ventilated Bottom sole
-Waterproofed & Air-ventilated Upper
-Flexible Upper & Bottom Sole

Product Feature
-Waterproofed and Air-ventilated Bottom sole
-Remarkable Restitutive force &
-Flexible Bottom Material Against Twisting
-Waterproofed & Air-ventilated upper
-England Pittards Leather
-Loard Dispersion Sockliner
-Tall & Comfort Shoes

Product Specification/Models
Genuine men’s leather dress shoes of Joeun Shoes Co.,Ltd is made of best ingredients and for your health with best technology.
The leather using in all our dress shoes is the England Pittard’s Leather which is the world's leading & highest prime quality leather company and inner sole is latex sponge that boasts high quality of cushion.
We never accept to use man-made leather, no plagiates or fake products.
Moreover, for reliability & finished goods, we take last off from lasted shoes after 24 hours of natural cooling time.
What this mean by 24 hours of natural cooling time is we do keep for 24 hours of natural cooling time with lasted shoes to minimize the lasting deformation that means we do not remove the last after processing of deep-well bottom sole pressing with of which our commitment for our valued customers.
Besides, since function’s of antibiosios, sterilization, deodrization, and anion occurrence including 12 related technical patents is variously applied to all of our products, all of our shoes is not only simple dress shoes but also for consumer’s top priority of wellbeing shoes

FYR, the following is detailed descriptions that 12 technical patents variously applied to all of our products.
*MediTex Function
-keep comfortable and healthy foot with the quick function of upper airy PPT Tex's inner material which is after processed through our technical patent.
*Patent Registration 10-058958
-know-how of manufacturing of shoe's inner-lining material for composition of smart printing layer and how to use it on the shoe's processing.
*Quick airy function
-use quick airy PPT Tex on the bottom and top side of foot's touching area.
*Temperature control function
-provide cool and warm according to weather temperature.
*High technology of PCM(phase change model) which is developed by NASA and aplied to process of PPT Tex mmaterial which is micro capsulated through our technical patent.
*Functions for antibiosios, sterilization, deodrization
-minimize the humid of environment to control against the increasing the bacilli and applied technology of NANO silver to after processing.
*Discharge function of anion
-good effect of forest bathing and discharge anion 20 times more than numercial value of the atmosphere in the downtown.
*Pittards Leather - the highest grade of waterproofing & air-ventilation leather
-use the highest grade of England Pittards Leather that has 200 years of history.
-the highest grade of England Pittards Leather is waterproofed, air-ventilated leather and has only few of deformation in long wear of shoes.
*Airflow - waterproofed, air-ventilated bottom sole
-provides waterproofing and air-ventilation with light weight of shoes through our technical patrent.
*Patent Registration 10-2008-0073881 - bottom sole with the function of waterproofing & air-ventilation
-the functional bottom sole prevents the inflow of water and oil or other pllutant.
-it also retards the variation physical properties which is sticked to outsole by oil and extends the life span of wearing shoes.
*Minimum(Zero defects) - concentrated control management
-moreover, for reliability and finished goods, we remove shoe's last after 24 hours.
-what this mean by 24 hours is we do keep for 24 hours of natural cooling time with lasted shoes to minimize the lasting deformation that means we do not remove the last after processing of deep-well sole pressing.
-keep highest grade of quality shoes with the Pittards Leather specially made for restoring force.
-we keep every manual of production processing with concentrated quality control

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