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Auto parts compatible with Caterpillar series                                                                          


1.Piston ring:

2W1709, 9S3068, 2W6091, 8N0822, 1W8922, 7E5213, 2114321, 1979386, 1979354, 1979277, 1W5105, 2W1707, 2W1708, 610497, 2W8265, 7W2221,8N1233, 8N7810 ,8N5760, 3P2817, 1343761.

2. Pistons:

8N3102, 8N3183, 9Y7212, 2900017, 9Y4004,1654262

3.Piston Pin:

8N1608, 7N9805

4.Engine bearing:

232-3233, 217-0390, 4W5492, 4W5739, 9Y7735, 9Y9497,5149572, 8N8220, 4W5738, 5149572(FP)


1W4738,8M9315,4P8495,3T2095,8N1849,7W40461,T0576,7M4046,4N6658,4N0685, 19N5477E,9Y2992, 9Y2991, 8N4110,8N0702,5M3320, 2W0027,2W7213.

6. Cylinder Liner:

1105800(2P8889), 1979322(2W6000)

7.Liner Seal:

5P8768, 1609874,5P8970, 6L7816


8N8796, 8N7005, 7N0449, 8N1831, 9L6884

9.Thrust washer:

1003652, 6N8940, 7E9262

10.Valve Seat:

1225963, 1916760


1)For European& American, Korean & Japanese etc.

2)Good quality
3)Competitive price
4)Secure service
5)products: Piston, piston ring, engine bearing, cylinder liner.
6)We can develop new items for you especially.
Desire our cooperation!

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