Slip Additive Masterbatch for Packaging Film Industry

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Polyfill Slip Additive Masterbatch, PT3004 is the material which when added to the polymer, while processing into flat profiles like film, sheet etc, reduces the coefficient of friction (COF) of the surfaces. It is particularly used while manufacturing film for packaging application where film to metal as well as film to film friction is required to be controlled.


The chemical nature of slip agents is such that they are high molecular weight and are partially compatible with the basic resin. SliP Additive Masterbatch PT3004, when incorporated into the polymer at the time of processing, migrate to the surface of the extruded / moulding and provide a mono-molecular layer which in turn reduces the COF.

PT 3004 Slip Additive Masterbatch is based on highly purified Erucamide in LLDPE carrier resin and compounded in most modern extrusion equipment using state of art technology. The slip additives chosen are stable up to 220* C and recommended for use where high temperature processing is required.




  1. PT3004 makes processing more efficient with higher productivity and improved quality.
  2. Reduces frictional resistance between two plastic films and between plastic and metal parts.
  3. In Polyolefin film production, PT3004 facilitates increased line speed in manufacturing process and enhances packaging machine operation due to reduced COF.
  4. Ensures good handling properties in automatic packaging machines.



  1. Slip Additive Masterbatch PT3004 is applicable to all processors from Industries like packaging (Monolayer & Multilayer flexible packaging film), moulding, agricultural films etc.
  2. Slip Additive Masterbatch is recommended for use as demoulding agents in injection moulding application.




1- 5% depending on the end use application.    For low slip - 1–2%,   For medium slip - 2–3%,   For high slip        4-5%




The material is packed in PE lined, moisture proof heavy duty PP bag in 25 kg pack.

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