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◆ Rooicell Whitening Serum 30ml /100ml

- No more dull and darkish skin! Experience a brightening effect with Rooicell Whitening Serum.

- Containing KFDA's certified ingredient Niacinamide, it makes dull skin bright and transparent.

- It helps protect skin from various harmful factors like UV rays without stimulation.

- Highly enriched nutritive serum permeates fast into skin and helps control the balance of oil and moisture.

◆ Rooicell Moisture Serum 30ml /100ml

- Skin protection factors such as rooibos, green tea, and aloe protect sensitive skin caused by outer stimuli and help skin firm and revitalized.

- Highly enriched, skin soothing nutrivie components absorb quickly into skin at the applying moment and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

- It helps restore the skin's moisture and keep it healthy and lively.

◆ Rooicell Azulene Serum 30ml /100ml

- It helps dull and tired skin firm and elastic. The components from rooibos and chamomile make skin glowing and moist all the time with providing moisture.

◆ Rooicell Collagen Serum 30ml / 100ml

- Containing abundant marine collagen components, it helps skin firm and elastic, providing high moisture and nutrients.

-Containing botanical extracts, without stimulation it provides nutrients to sensitive skin that easily irritates with minor stimuli.

◆ Rooicell Caviar Serum 30ml / 100ml

- One of 3 delicacies of the world, highly nutritive caviar permeates into skin fast and promotes skin's elasticity.

◆ Rooicell EGF Serum 30ml / 100ml

- EGF component with other various nutrients improve skin's sagginess and complexion.

- Highly enriched EGF nutrients take care of skin to be silky-smooth.

◆ Rooicell Purifying Serum 30ml / 100ml

- Botanical components and hyaluronic acid take care of sensitive skin. It controls sebum release and the balance of oil and moisture at the same time, leading to a matte finish.

◆ Rooicell KabaKaba Serum 30ml / 100ml

- South Pacific's mysterious herb, KabaKaba soothes irritated skin and provides nutrients to sensitive, troubled skin.



How to use

• Gypsum mask or Rubber mask :
Apply serum to the face and neck and rubbing lightly before putting mask.

• Daily use :
Washing your face -> Moisturize skin with Skin Lotion or Toner -> apply this Serum

After using the serum, apply Lotion(emulsion) and nutritious Cream.

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  • Serum 8SET

  • Serum 8SET

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