Cable Marking Machines

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-Cable Printer (Gravure)

-Single head middle speed printer

-Dual haed middle speed printer

-Single head high speed printer

-Dual head high speed printer

-Single head large size printer

-Dual head large size printer

-Single color high speed band printer

-Dual head double side printer

-Dual head multi line printer

Cable Printer (Offset)

-Standard indent length printer

-Dual sider indent length printer (Meter/Feets)

-Embossing roll printer

-Indent length printer for water-pipe

-Pipe Printer

-Gravure pipe mark printer

-Gravure / Offset pipe mark printer

-Pipe mark printer (Exchange of Date / Lot No)

Oter product of printer

-Ink bump for high speed printer

-Multi type air wiper

-Doctor knife for high speed printer

-Number-ring counter for indent printer

-Plasma (Corona) surface treatment system

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