Unlimited widths of Korean Top grade Hot Fix Tape

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  • MaterialPVC, PP
  • Payment TermsT/T,Western Union,Others

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  • South Korea South Korea


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We produce Hot Fix Tape of Acrylic, Silicon.
Korea origin and top grade Hot Fix Tape.


We make 12 kinds of Hot Fix Tapes according to degree of adhesive strength.
We develop customized Hot Fix Tape.
We make less tac Hot Fix Tape.

Unlimited widths and customized limitless bottom colors of Hot Fix Tape.
Widths of 24cm and 25cm and 28cm and 32cm and 40cm and 42cm basically.
e.g. 35cm, 38cm, 48cm, 60cm, 70cm, 1m, etc. and yellow, red, blue, black bottom colors, etc.


When press work, adhesive is not smeared in fabrics, pretty clean state.
Adhesive is well detached from film.
When detach work, stones are strongly attached to fabrics.


Hot Fix Tape are adhesive tape used in making Motif designs.
Hot Fix Tape are made of mainly PVC and PP.
Ours have incomparable adhesive strength.


We ship container quantity periodically.
Negotiable prices.
Discount according to amount.


Superb heat resistance and fastening transition to costumes.
Manifold application.
Effective working and productivity elevation.


Predominant transparency when attached of materials.
Multipurpose use in Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Nail head, Beads, Spangle.


Acrylic tape are needed when designing by light accessories like Octagon or Nail Head.

They are used widely.
They get eminent adhesion, heat resistance and release power.


Silicon tape are needed when using glass materials like stone.
They are mostly used for producing Motif with big size Rhinestone.
They have stronger adhesion than Acrylic.


They are likewise used for Rhinestud, complicated designs, high-grade articles.
Rear material is PVC with embossing treatment, which prevent Motif embellishment from being pushed.


Shipping terms : Ex Works.
Lead time is 3 days.


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  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

  • Hot Fix Tape

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