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 Since it was established in 1998, Hankook Tech Co. has devoted itself to the development of spare parts of a feed extruder and expander by starting to develop spare parts of consumables of Wenger, and now manufactures and supplies screws and consumables of WENGER, EXTRU- TECH, BUHLER, MATADOR, AMANDUSKAHL, and ALMEX.


Our products quality is already acknowledged because we continued to supply spare parts (screws, rings, etc) to most feed manufacturers in our country in 2005, and we are currently paying attention to the development of overseas market such as Japan, China, Thailand.


Hankook Tech Co. a company specialized in spare parts of a feed extruder and expander for more than 12 years, insisting on one fields product and best quality, will become your reliable partner.


Feed Extruder & Expander spare parts list



Model : X-130, X-165, X-185, TX-85, TX-115, U.P.C-10

Manufacture spare parts : Main shaft, Head, Sleeve, Screw, Shear lock Etc.



Model : E.T.I 750, E.T.I 925

Manufacture spare parts : Main shaft, Head, Sleeve, Screw, Shear lock Etc.



Model : EXTRUDER (DNDH-125, DNDJ-175, Bctf-93),


Manufacture spare parts :

1. EXTRUDER : Main Shaft, Housing, Screw Etc.

2. EXPANDER : Worm, Inlet screw, Insert bush, Spacer ring, Die, Wear bush,

Threaded bushing, Links, Temperature sensor housing Etc.



Model : EXTRUDER (EX-917, EX-920), EXPANDER (FP34)

Manufacture spare parts :

1. EXTRUDER : Sleeve, Screw

2. EXPANDER : Worm, Wear worm, Worm cone, End plate, Screw

Barrel, Wear bush, Wear Barrel, Flange Ect.



Model : OE 38.3 , OE 30.2

Manufacture spare parts : Main shaft, Hollow shaft, Closing cone, Outlet ring,

Pressure plate, Paddle, Inlet paddle, Outlet paddle,

Wear ring, Lining, Tubular frame, Stop bolt,

Steam nozzle, Etc.



Model : AL-300

Manufacture spare parts : Head screw, Screw, Inlet screw, Wear sleeve, Spacer

Worm shaft, Drive shaft, Liner, Compression, Housing, Slide with slots, Seat, head screw, Mixing pin, Bush, Pin bolt, Etc.


We can manufacture other Spare parts not included in our products list according to customers request (Information such as drawings and materials is required)


Best Regards

Hankook Tech Co.

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