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Our LED Guard film for protecting the liquid crystal is manufactured and distributed to customers by Two & Two Chemical directly and customers can buy it at the reasonable price.  

Two & Two Chemical has already manufactured the Eye-care film to protect eyes from LCD monitors of notebooks and desktops and sold it at Daiso and start to manufacture the film for protecting the liquid crystal of smart phones(LED Guard) as we developed the high-performing film that can compete with those of other companies in the world.

We manufacture all the products by ourselves and try to improve the quality continuously. 

A. Film for protecting the liquid crystal

Our film makes the screen and color clear and bright though the surface doesn’t look good as the film is stained with foreign substances such as fingerprints, handprints, cosmetics on the face, sweat and so on,

B. Film for protecting the liquid crystal without gloss

The film makes the color of the screen brighter preventing the reflected light such as fluorescent light and you can use the clean mobile phone as the film isn’t stained with fingerprints, handprints, sweat, cosmetics and so on well and those are wiped out well

 C. Film for protecting the liquid crystal without gloss and with  antibiotics

The surface of the environment-friendly film is treated with 99% of antibiotics to prevent pollution from spit and virus.


Feature of the film for preventing fingerprints without gloss

1.Anti Scratch(3H~4H)

We coat the surface of the LED Guard film for protecting the liquid crystal with UV resin and UV hard coating to make the surface not to be scratched and decayed. Accordingly, those make the surface prevent scratches and extend the life span.

2. Anti Finger Print

Normal films are made with the surface with gloss and easily stained with fingerprints. But the surface of LED Guard is treated with matt easing gloss and prevents fingerprints. The clearness of Normal films isn’t clear as the screen is cloud and dark but Led Guard looks clear as it is made without quencher for the first time in Korea.

3. Anti Glare

LED Guard is treated with special matt UV coating without gloss and even though it is attached with the liquid crystal, it makes the film bright and the color clear and prevents reflected light from fluorescent light and various lights.


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