Ten head laser embroidery cutting machine for curtains embroidery/textile embroidery/clothes/bag

Product Detail Information

Embroidery system

Products name: Ten head laser embroidery machine

Product feature:

Two control systems of embroidery and cutting, switch at will, can also select the number of processing head, saving energy and protecting environment. The come-out of this product, making important contribution for individual process in embroidery field and the upgrade of product structure.
In sewing business line, usually it needs the laser cutting machine and embroidery machine separately process fabrics, leather etc.materials. As for two different equipments exchange to process the same batch of materials, so on the one hand it reduce the working efficiency, on the other side it leads to the process error for the incompatible formats etc.factors, and it affects the process quality finally.
Golden laser embroidery and laser cutting integrative machine initially combines computer embroidery with laser cutting two independent technics together, delicate embroider, fine cutting, improving the process efficiency and quality greatly, enriching the forming and effect of technics greatly, saving the cost and materials. It can process with embroider, edge-cutting, stiletto, embroidered applique Hollowing and delaminated cutting&embroidery on various componential fabrics. At the same time of improving the added-value of embroider products, morever boosting up the aesthetic feeling of embroider products greatly. It opens an epoch for embroidery technics, and supplies a brand-new solution for the technics innovation in clothes making, toy, home-textile, cloth decoration etc.business lines.
It is the initial type in domestic, individual gains 6 item patents independent.

Application Field

Suitable for cloth embroidery clothing, fabric, multi-layer veil embroidery, staffed toys, knitwear, leather, textile products, fabric, etc. referring to embroidery, trimming, punching, sticking cloth embroidery, ornamental engraving and cutting and layered embroidery.

Technical Parameter

Laser type

CO2 hermetic and detached laser tube

Laser power

25W×10(10 means number of laser heads)

Precision of power control


Cutting precision for single laser head


Power supply


Format support


Movement control

Offline EMS memory continuous movement

Cooling mode

Constant temperature water chiller system

Control mode

Separate computer embroidery and laser cutting system

Auxiliary system

Autocontrol of exhaust and assistant blow system

Transfer mode of files USB

USB internet cable, U-disk copy

Control software

Original Golden Laser embroidery and laser cutting system software

We've designed our product line so that there is a laser system to meet your needs - whether you're looking for an inexpensive, small-format system or a high performance system with a large work area, we've got a system for you.

Advantages of GOLDEN LASER Series:

 Cost efficiency by the application of low maintenance technologies and maintenance-free sealed CO2 lasers.

 Engrave and cut a wide variety of materials.

 Faster speed, higher precision and laser power.

 High speed Galvo engraving and X-Y axis cutting integrated system.

 High efficiency engraving and cutting separated system.

 Unique ultrasonic auto-focus system.

 Automatic CCD Camera recognizing and cutting system.

 Metal and non-metal cutting all in one.

 Highest quality laser motion control system.

 Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible.

 Ergonomic loading and unloading system without time-consuming.

 Secured and intuitive control of the systems software-independent.


Guarantee & After sales Service:
Comprehensive guarantee for one year except the wearing parts.
24-hour technical support by email or calling.
User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.

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