Humic acid in granular form

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Humic Acid in Granular form

Product code: CXHA-HA-G

Humic acid is a permanent substance and cannot be

degraded by the microorganisms of the soil. It is an ideal

additive to boost the bio-activity and improve the

performance of the compost or composited fertilizer.




Appearance                      Black Granule

Organic Matter(dry basis)   85%min      

humic acid( dry basis)        65%min

pH                                     4-6

Size rate(2-5mm)              95%min


Benefits and function


1. Improve the structure of the soil, increase the

buffering powder of the soil.


In light sandy soil, humic acid can increase the cation

exchange capacity to retain water and nutrients,

importantly to magnify the root ability to take up

nutrients. In heavy and compact soil, it can work with

fung to creat a crumb structure for better water oxygen

and nutrients intake and improve root penetration.


2. Neutralize both the acid and alkaline soils, regulate the



Under alkaline condations, humic acid can buffer the pH

and convert the elements and nutrients into absorbable

form, as in high pH, many essential elements are not in

plant available form. In acidic soil, it can largely reduce

the toxins such as ally aluminum and heavy metals,

which will be bonded and immobilized by the humic acid,

so the toxicity is largely reduced and photosphate bonded

by the aluminum is released.


Salinalized soil: salts spilt up by the high cation exchange

capacity are bonded and chelated. and the penetration of

the root zone is largely reduced.


3. Stimulate the plants growth, and increase the yield.


Stimulate the membrane of seeds as well as metabolic

activity, thus increase the germination rate. Increase the

capacity of root to take up nutrients, as these elements

are easier to be converted into plant available form.

Accordingly the yield will be increased up to 30%.

Enhanced the cell assimilation and photosynthesis,

increase the plant and vitamin content.


4. Reduce the nitrate leaking into groundwater.


Humic acid can bind the nitrate and keep it around the

root zone, by this way the groundwater is better



5. Increase the effectiveness of the herbicide pesticide

and fungicide, and reduce their harmful reasiues.


Direction for use:


Soil application: use as base fetilizer 50-100kgs for per

crop season.

Mix additive: 30-60kgs for one ton composite.




Woven bags with line 25kgs net weight also can satisfy

the customer's requirement.

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