ceramic fiber paper

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1260 Ceramic Fiber Paper YXTX-236

1400 Ceramic Fiber Paper YXTX-336


1.YAOXING Ceramic Fiber Paper is processed from the high purity fiber, which can be used in the field of high temperature insulation. Because we have adopted the advanced processing work, we cannot only make the fiber interweave shapely, but also can control the thickness and the density rigidly.

2.A spot of bonding agent has been added into the fiber during processing, which has been chosen and controlled scientifically, can be burnt during application.


1.Low Heat Storage

2.Low Thermal Conductivity

3.Excellent Thermal Electrical Insulation

4.Excellent Machine-processed Capability

5.Excellent Broken Resistance

6.Excellent Flexibility

7.Low Shot Content


1.Industrial insulating ,sealing and protecting materials

2.Electric and thermal insulation materials for electric industry

3.Insulation materials for instrument-equipment

4.Insulating materials for motor industry

5.Filling materials for expansion slot

6.Insulating materials as the sinter resistance

7.Sealing gasket for molten metal

8.Fireproof materials

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