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Product Detail Information
Functions & Features  
- Co-using Angle & Swing rotor  
- Using bucket style 750ml high-capacity swing rotor
- Ergonomically arranged and designed
- Spin down (Pulse function)  
- Customized key pad (Easy operation and correction)
- 10 steps for acceleration and deceleration can be selected for delicate liquid experiment
- Eco-friendly CFC Free freezing system
- RPM/RCF auto calculating  
- Changing term of timer during operation
- Radius of rotor set up by unit of 0.1mm
- Memory for saving experiment condition
- Fast Cooling(down to 4。Cin 15 min)
- Short spin key : Spin down in 1 min  
- lid latch by motor : preventing imbalance of sample
AC Induction Motor Cooling System
Speedy acceleration and deceleration, little noise and vibration. Capability for
large Sample(0.2ml~750ml). Efficient Cooling by CFC Free Freezing system
Easy to Keypad  
Applied easy to use control pad for anybody
Rotor Switching System  
Easy to exchange angle or Switching Rotor for handling various samples
- Detecting abnormal rpm     
- Detecting vibration of rotor  
- Detecting system error  
- Detecting opening of door  
- Automatically identifying the rotor  
Max. Rotational speed 15,000rpm (fixed angle rotor)
  4,500rpm (swingout rotor)
Max. centrifugalrelative force 25,200 xg (fixed angle rotor)
  4,449 xg (swingout rotor)
Max. capacity 250ml x 6 (fixed angle rotor)
750ml x 4 (swingout rotor)
Temperature range -10℃ to +40℃
Time 99hrs 59min 59sec
Acceleration time to max. speed 10 steps
Deceleration from max. speed 10 steps
Power consumption AC220V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 2kw
Motor drive AC induction motor
Programmability 100 Program memories
Dimension 723W x 665D x 387H/mm
Weight 112kg

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