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New technology earphone communicating by Ear without microphone!

Core Technology (Air Conduction Core Technology)

  • Microphone and speaker are essential elements for all existed communication devices.
  • From now on, only speaker subscriber for both elements. Voice signal should come from the vocal cords and eardrum.
  • Kowave's single transducer technology can sense this weak signals from eardurm and make possible to communicate.
  • The communication using this technology can optimize a business efficiency due to a precise noise conversation and the perfect interception of outside.

Product Features

  • A conversation is possible without a microphone
  • Allowing private and confidential communications
  • Accurate communication is possible in both quiet and loud environment
  • Simple and completely hands-free structure
  • Comfort from long wear and usage

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Product Specifications

Item Contents
Size(mm) 66.3X36X14.8
Length of Cable 91Cm (including Connector)
80Cm (including earphone)
Weight(g) 48
Structure Magnetic Receiver
Normal input power  1mW
Normal output power 110dB±5dB(1mW,1kHz)
Impedance 400Ω
Frequency band 300~8kHz

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