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Chaga Mushroom mask pack (Wrinkle care type)
Inonotus obliquus (Mushroom) Extract which is god for antacid & Adenosire which is good for wrinkle-care take care of your skin fresh and vital.

Efficacy of fermented Chaga mushroom:
An abundance of SOD enzymes eliminates the lipoperoxide in skin cells to purify blood and prevent vessel diseases to improve skin renewal.
Mulberry silkworm mask pack (Whitening type)
Mulberry silkworm extract & Niocinamide makes your skin whiten & Clean. This product will let your face bright & white.

Efficacy of fermented silkworm (baekgangjam)
Baekganjam is dried silkworm which has died after being infected by Beauveria bassiana. It contains protein, minerals, and oils, and has been used traditionally as a folk remedy to treat boils or festers. Its protein moisturizing structure similar to skin's membranes, it moisturizes and whites by lightening freckles, and also suppress aging. It is especially effective in whitening scars from acne or skin that has turned dark.
Wild ginseng mask pack cleansing type
Panax Ginseng Root extract lessen the production of sebum. That makes your skin not be greasy & remove the face waste.

Efficacy of fermented wild ginseng
Strong energy and antioxidant effects of wild ginseng will provide wrinkle diminishing and lifting, reinforcement of skin immunity, and increase in blood circulation effects for better complexion and clarifies skin.
Shangwhang Mushrooms Mask pack sensitive type
Phellinus Linteus Extract will calm down your sensitive skin and maintain your skin clear. It also lessen skin irritants that leads sensitive skin to healthy & shiny.

Efficacy of fermented sanghwang mushrooms
Anticarcinogenic substance extracted from sanghwang mushrooms are fused with herbal ingredients to create skin pack. It will have cell activation, Skin's antioxidant, skin renewal, moisturization reinforcement, melanin suppression, and other effects. Not to mention its effects to improve skin troubles or sensitive skin.
Agaricus mask pack elastic type
Agaricus Blazeii Extract improve your skin elasticity. Lessen skin irritants and supply moisture help your skin more beautiful.

Efficacy of agaricus
Beta-glucan, polylsaccharide in agaricus mushrooms, creates interferon which activates immune cells in the human body. It not only activates cells but also affects the digestive organs and the endocrine system, with excellent effects to treat different types of dermatitis.

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