ULV BF-150, Fogging Machine, mosquito Thermal Fogger

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Product Detail Information
Country of Origin : Made in South Korea
Fogging Machine  : BF-150 ( Spraing in fog type )
* Specification 
Type  Thermal Aerosol Fog
Operating way :  Push button Auto-start
Power supply :  12V DC Rechargeable battery
Weight(epty)  9kg
Gasoline tank capa 1.8 lit
Gasoline Consumption 1.5 lit/hr
Chemical tank 8lit
Soulution output  40 lit/hr
Solution tank  Stainless teel 316L
Dimensions(WXLXH)  230X1350 X340MM


* Thermal Fogginn Machine 
The best fogger is the best multipurse internal aerosol fog and spraying generation devise in which flame projecting is possible. It can dispense a sterilizing for which can be used to fumigate all kinds of harmful insexts such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches in areas such as warehouses, parks, cattle barns, pighouses, roads, apartment complex, factories, campgrounds & etc. 


Machine Features 
Simplicity of Operation
Air and fuel is automatically mixed in the 12V air pump. So it starts with the simply with the push of al button.
Durability of the Machine. 
 This machines is made almost entirely of Stainless Steel (chemical tank, fuel tank etc), which prevents corrosion due to 
  chemical, and fuels. 
Little Heat Generation 
The Machine has been designed so it is cooled by two air-intake valves, that are connected to the fuel ignition part of the machine.
This allows the machine to remain cool during use. 
Strong lgniter
 The igniter uses a 12V DC battery so that starting the machine is quick and easy.
Easily Repaired
 All Components are designed for easy assembly / disassembly, the fuel line is made of a transparent material, and the spark 
 plug is easily seen, so it easy to spot problems when they happen.

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