Red Pine Needle Oil (JeokSongYu)

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  • Pine Tree of SOL NARA is
    - We will refine material of pine needles for high purity utilizing multistage extractive distillation in conformity with food safety standards.
    - It is a type of capsule for easy dose and carrying.
    - Obtained certification of US FDA for safety of food material.
  • Effectiveness
    - As it can improve blood circulation through purifying blood, it is specially efficacious for controlling blood pressure.
    - It is very effective for diabetes upon declining blood sugar level.
    - As it is antioxidants by containing much 'lutein P' component, it can make decomposition of fat resulting in delay of aging process of human body.
    - It is helpful to various inflammatory including gastritis.
    - It has excellent effectiveness for removing halitosis.
    - It is effective to treat gout, neuralgia, rheumatic arthritis.

Beauty Treatment

  • After mixing three capsules into the bath tub, you may enjoy aromatherapy bath.
    (The function of cell proliferation of human skin can enrich skin and skin may be changed to children's skin.)
  • After washing face, mix lotion with pine tree oil and apply them evenly.(effective to eliminate freckle, ephelis and blemish.)

Improvement reaction (symptoms by patients)

  • Blood Pressure : After taking a dose, you may feel pain and sleepiness in three or four days and have effectiveness in about five months.
  • Diabetes,Cholesterol : You may get hives, red spot and itch on the body but the process of clearing blood so that you may take them continuously without care.
  • Nerveless fellow: They may have cold sore and rashes on the tongue with fever.
  • Stomach : The men who have stomach trouble may have pricking, rejection, abdominal distention and a little constipation.
  • Menstrual Irregularity : They may feel sleepiness but will be much better in two or three months.
  • The above improvement reaction will come over some patients and it will be very effective by this excellent condition.
  • If the above improvement reaction appears, please stop to take dose for about three or four days and if it disappears, take it again.
  • Most of the people will have effectiveness without improvement reaction and regain not only confidence in the product but vigorous health.

Intake and Way of Keeping

  • Adult may take one tablet three or four times a day with water.
  • Take it twenty or thirty minutes after meal.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight in airy storage.

Effectiveness of PineNeedle Extract

Various documents and data explaining the effectiveness of pine needles

  • Dongeui Bogam
    - Pine needles is effective to adult disease including stroke and high blood pressure and not only can control blood sugar but strengthen blood vessel and detoxify the body.
  • Sinnong Boncho Gyeong
    - Pine needles can make five viscera of the body stable and control body balance. If you intake continuously pine needles, you can exercise lightly and it can keep your life young with antiaging effect.
  • Bonchogangmok
    - Pine needles can cure malignant tumor. It can make five viscera stable without hunger and can extend the life for a thousand year. Pine needles have no poison and the function to grow hair on the head as well.
  • Effectiveness of pine needles to suppress the raise of blood sugar and control it!
    It is certified that concentrate of pine needles(ex SOL NARA Pine Tree Oil) can suppress the raise of Glycemic Index and control the blood sugar through the test of most advanced scientific instruments and animal test according to various research reports on US magazine NUTRITION. (Source: Nutrition, Volume 21, Issue 6, page 756-761)
  • Effects of cancer prevention, anticancer and antioxidation by extract of pine needles!
    According to US academic journal 'Nutrition and Cancer', it is certified that extract of pine needles can suppress antioxidation, somatic mutation and oncocyte through animal test.(Source: NUTRITION AND CANCER, 56(2), 162-171, 2006 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.)

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