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Sungshim T&S_sandwich panel cutter


Since 2003, We have been manufacturing the portable cutters as patented cutting tools, mainly for sandwich panels, in which insulated materials such as styrene, polyurethane, glass wool etc, have usually been adhered by steel plates.

Compared with the existing round-typed steel saw cutters, which usually cause lots of dust and noise in prefabricated building construction sites and simultaneously give dangerous working conditions to the workers, our cutters have unique features like low-dust, and low-noise when being operated, as well portable and cordless ones. Please refer to the following summarized features and don't hesitate to contact us, if you would have much interests with our cutters.

Simple Operations

  • Insert the charging drill ( or the eqivalent electric drill ) into the shaft of SC-11.
  • At the first stage, put the cut knife of SC-11 into the cutted place and then take SC-11 and the drill respectively by hand and proceed the cutting procedure by pushing them forward.
    [In case of more thicker plates ( no less than 0.5mm ), the first cutted place should be cut by scissor or other equivalent apparatus in order for the knife of SC-11 to be easily put into that place.]
  • At the final cutting stage, lightly lift SC-11 and simultaneouly stop the drill

Summarized Features

Model Number


Operating Capacity

Not more than 0.5mm as thickness of steel plate

Supplementary power suppliers

Charging drill no less than 14.4V ( 1200 rpm ) or the equivalent electric drill

Raw material of Main
body/ knife

Special steel and high strength Aluminium




Cutting for sandwich panels, galvanized iron, log sidings


  • Noise pollution free/ Dust free
  • Less labor needed compared with other cutters
  • Less dangerous compared with other cutters
  • Effective knife-shape for straight or curve, rectangular-shaped cutting





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