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99.99% pure silver is processed to a sponge-like foam from which the contact surface increases by 6,000 times than nomal. The net typed foam is the world's first invention which maximizes the effects and advantages of silver by increasing the release level of colloidal silver

Why is the silverfoam chroline removing showerhead attractive?

1.Silver foam

  • Functions
    The foam can activeates as eradicators and antibiotics against several types of harmful gems generating silver nano called AgO when the water passes through the 6,000 times extepanded foam.

  • Accoriding to the experimental reults carried out an listed Japanese Ministry of welfare
    It was proved that the silverfoam is effective as antibiotics and sterilizer

2. Resudual chlorine eliminating filter

  • effect
    - It is common to sterilize tap with chlorine. However, chlorine makes carcinogen called "chloroform" by reacting with household cleaning materials. Chroline must be eliminated because it caues skin trouble such as Atopy, Ezema and damage on lungs,

  • Interval of filter-change
    - Eliminating residual chlorline uses " Calcium Sulphite T" When the material inside the filter us dussolved up to the mid-lined level, the filter shoulld be changed soon.

  • It was cerified by the institute listed on Japanese Ministry of Welfare that the filter eliminate chlorine in the amount of 15,000 liters of water 100%

3. Nonwoven fabric fillter

  • effect
    The filter filters off the rust in water from the pipe and prevent skin troubles.

  • Interval of filter-change
    When you see the rush stain on the filter change into dark-brown, the filter should be changed soon

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