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What is SOLNARA Pine Oil ?

Pine needels from red pines growing in a clean area have been collected and cleaned under high pressure; then, oil was extracted through the most advanced multi-level fractional distillation process. This high-purity extract encapsulated in a soft capsule for convenient carrying and taking in SOLNARA Pine Oil.

High-grade SOLNARA Pine Oil

The amount of pine needles contained in one SOLNARA Pine Oil capsule is equal to the amount contained in fifty bottles of pine needle drinks currently available in the korean market.
SOLNARA Pine Oil is a precious substance; only 340ml of SOLNARA Pine oil can be obtained through processing and concentrating one tone of pine needles.


Pine Needel's Effects on Suppression of Blood Sugar Increase and Blood Sugar Control.
Improvement of Blood Vessel Deseases.
Cancer Prevention. Anti-cancer and Anti oxideation Effects.

Components and Contents of SOLNARA Pine Oil

97% of Pine Oil, 3% of Tocopherol
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is a substance which activates cells through strong anti-oxidation effect and reinforces sexual health, exercise functions and heart functions.

Various Literature and Materials Presenting the Efficacy of Pine Needles

  • Donguibogam:
    - Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine = Pine needles work to clean blood and are effective on lifestyle diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, etc.; they also work to control blood sugar, strengthen blood vessels and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Sinnongbonchogyeong:
    - Pine needles relax the five viscera (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys) and maintain the body balance. When taken regularly, the body relieves and does not age.
  • Bencao Gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica):
    - Pine needles can treat malignant tumor; they also relax the five viscera, make not feeling hungry, and allow a person to prolong his life. Pine needles do not contain poison, and have a function to grow h
  • Many other researchers including KBS, MBC and forestry research teams:
    - Pine needles are proved to have around 170 positive effects to human body and effects in treating 127 diseases. In addition, it has been reported by the media that pine needles are excellently effective on cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Production Process of SOLNARA Pine Oil

Collection and cleaning of pine needles Distillation
Test analysis Encapsulation
Capsule Drying End product

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