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Carex Tire Wash & Polisher(Foam)
Spraying on tires, making bouble, washing & polishing at a time
Carex Windshield Water Repeller
Making water repel coating for windshield's surface not to keep water


Multi Cleaner (1000ml)
Multi-cleaner to be used even at oil-stained as well as normal dirty place
Multi Cleaner (800ml)
Multi-cleaner to be used even at oil-stained as well as normal dirty place
Carex All Season Washer
No frozen even at minus 25 degree of temp. high quality glass-washer liquid.


Carex Sticker & Tar Remover
Easy to remove stickers & tar on car surface
Liquid to remove frost on windshield's surface
Modern and slim design increases exterior effect
2 in 1 Multi Sponge
Not only water & foam washing but also tire washing is possible


Carex Tire Polisher (650ml)
Spraying after car wash can keep a polish for a long while
Carex Glass Cleaner (650ml)
Clean up any glass more clearly & transparently
Carex Leather Wax (650ml)
Attaching to side mirror, lan shape blind spot mirror


Carex Wheel Cleaner (650ml)
Removing dirty materials from wheel by water washing after spraying this wheel cleaner
Carex High Polish Wax (650ml)
After car wash, spraying and rubbing can make a effective polish


I-POP White T-10 LED
With radiant heat panel, safe for long term usage


Carex Anti Fog(spray)
Anti-fog spray using at inside of glass in the car
Anti Fog(foam)
Anti-fog foam using at inside of glass in the car
Oily Film Remover Easy Kits
Cleaning glass more clearly by removing oily film


PCMX Multi-use Antibacterial Tissue
Containing PCMX component, safe for human body
Nano Silver Natural Leather Conditioner
Protecting and polishing the leather
Tire Grip(spray chain)
Increasing tire's gripping on the snowy and icy road by spraying

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