Haenuri traditional lunch box laver

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Haenuri traditional lunch box laver

Haenoori laver is produced with the good quality raw material 100% gathered from southeast clean sea of Korea, qualified from the Korean Government as traditional Korean food, through the clean process under HACCP system. This baked laver has been baked twice adding low salt and oil, so it's tasty, healthy and premium laver for all family.

The Excellency of Haenoori Laver

  1. We have been certified as a good HACCP application company.
  2. This product is produced in the company which entire processes are controlled under HACCP system.
  3. We has been certified as Fishery Traditional Food (Korean Government No. 145) company.
  4. Only good materials are used by strict screening.
  5. The raw material is gathered from the southeast clean sea of Korea.

Haenuri traditional lunch box laver

4g x 3bags / 4g x 6bags / 4g x 8bags / 4g x 9bags / 4g x 16bags
1 or 2 persons can have a meal with 1 bag of traditional sliced lunch box laver.
6 Months ~ 1 Year

│Instructions For Storage│

  • Keep the product at cool and well ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight and
  • If you keep it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, you can enjoy the
    flavor and taste of laver for a long time.

│Instructions For Eating Crispy Laver│

  • Laver easily become soggy since it is weak to moisture.
  • Wrap the laver with paper and keep it in microwave for about 20 seconds.
    Then you can eat crispy laver.

│Friend of happy dinning table, containing large amounts of various nutritions│

Good laver for human body that Donguibogam recognized its effect. According to Donguibogam, laver is called sweet laver (Ecklonia cava). The feature of laver is cold and salty with excellent effect for diarrhea. It reduces stuffy feeling and it is also effective for high blood press, arteriosclerosis or thyroiditis when taking 5~6 sheets of roasting laver with water everyday. In terms of nutrition, it is very effective for prevention and inhibition of adult disease since it contains various nutritional ingredients including protein, fiber, vitamin, sugariness, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

In particular, it also effective for eyes, prevention of dementia. Since long time ago, people uses laver to solve hangover, bad breath, hair loss as well as treatment of burns.

Laver, natural healthy food has large amount of water soluble dietaryber, porphuran.

  1. It is good for anti-bacterial and anti-tumor effects as well as activation of anti oxidizing enzymes of liver.
  2. It is also good for fat reduction of liver cell tissues.
  3. It is good for immune function recovery.

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