Arui H2 Maker Hydrogen Water Generator

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  • Size75.0 * 300.0 * 136.0 mm


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Arui H2 Maker

│What is hydrogen water ?│

Hydrogen water is alkaline water containing abundant active hydrogen which is useful for the human body.
It eliminates oxygen free radicals, which accelerate aging and cause diseases, by reducing them into water. It is water that plays an antioxidant role.


Ceramic filter, Generation of negative ions, Elimination of miscellaneous smells, Supplements deficient minerals.
Simple one-touch buttons Setting up time automatically acoording to the kind of water.
Made form materials which do not generate endocrine disruptors A big container which holds 2 liters of water.
Generation of abundant hydrogen You can confirm thehydrogen gas bubbles.
It improves the absorption rate of water by generating a magnetic field.
The water tastes soft due to electrolysis.


1. It eliminates oxygen free radicals.
"Hydrogen combines itself with oxygen free radical which has a bad effect on all human tissue, and discharges it by reducing it into water."

2. It is an affective antioxidant.
"It reaches the places where oxygen free radicals exist and prevents oxidative damage."

3. It sterngthens your immunity.
"It delays aging and prevents all kinds of diseases."

4. You can drink it safely as it is sterilized effectively.

5. It prevents the damage due to radioactivity.
"It is effective in delaying the progression of damaged cells and restoring them."

6. It is effective in improving atopic dermatitis and indigestion.

│Matters that require attention when you use│

  1. You can use all drinking water. But, the more the water contains minerals, the more hydrogen will be generated.

  2. When the water is deficient in minerals, fill the water untill is soaked, and operate it after 30 minutes.

  3. Always operate it with its lid closed.
    (You can prevent hydrogen from escaping this way and eliminate miscellaneous smells.)

  4. If you push the power button on it in the state where the container has no water, It can cause failure.

  5. When foreign substance enters the water, it can cause failure.

│The opinions of specialists about the effectiveness│

Hydrogen is the most ideal as the substance for improving metabolism. It performs a strong function in eliminating oxygen free radicals, and it doesn't weaken immune function.
- Naitomareo (a medical doctor) -

It selectively deoxidizes hydroxyl radical which attacks cells or DNA, and has a strong oxidizing power.
- Otasigeo (a medical doctor) -

By eliminating oxygen free radicals, it purifies your blood and makes the transformed red blood cells recover, Its excellence has been proven due to its quick action 30 monutes after you take it and its durability. As it improves your metabolismand immunity, it is helpful for relieving fatigue, relieving feelings of cold, and your diet, Also, it improves life habit diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc, and solves freckles, fine wrinkles, and arthritis, etc.
- Abehiro (a medical doctor) -

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