Automatic Binder for Packing (PB-350)

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  • Size5.0 * 20.0 * 25.0 cm
  • Weight1 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T

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  • South Korea South Korea

HANA Corporation

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Automatic Binder for Packing (PB-350)
Bring your “Auto Binder for Packing” Where you Need It !!
Fully portable and extremely lightweight, the Hana Model PB-350 Hand-Held Automatic Binder for packing can go wherever its needed and has a multitude of uses and applications. This easy to use machine offers full day productivity while avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries from hand twist tying. Unlike stationary Auto Binders the model PB-350 can be used anywhere including ; inside of box, crate or barrel to seal a bag or liner, can bundle hangers together for the laundry and dry cleaners, and is small enough to go in machines and coilers to secure wire harnesses and cables.
Able to bind products and bags up to 35mm in diameter this versatile unit has a fully accessible extended front tying aperture, and easy squeeze trigger and an LED indicator to show battery life and the number of twists which is adjustable by the push of button. The protective enclosure for the ribbon spool keeps the twist tie material controlled and clean during the binding process and ribbon spool changes are quick and easy with no operator training or tools necessary.


  • Bag in Box Applications
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Cable Binding and Wire Harnessing
  • Packaged in plastic of various kinds
  • Portable Tying


  • Binder
    weight: 830g
    size:25 x20 x 5
    binding coverage: ~35mm
  • Battery
    weight : 240g
    No. of binding: about 5500 sites
    charging: about 1.5 hours.
    Wire(role)- No. of binding: 650times
    length: 70m / width:3.8~4.2
    wire diameter :0.45mm
    covering: Al Foil


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  • Automatic Binder for Packing _PB_350_

  • Automatic Binder for Packing _PB_350_

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